Frequently Asked Questions
How are you different (uniqueness)? is a one-stop service shop on household problems. We would like to help you to save time and money by making it easier for you to find skillful and reliable technicians with affordable prices and it is in your phone!
How to make sure a technician is reliable?
All our technicians are selected with care and must undergo background and identity checks. Always be at peace of mind.
If the Technician did not show up/is late. What do I do?
You can contact the Technician directly. You can also contact our Customer Service team during weekdays (9am – 6pm):​ Call us 096 96 1111 2 or Chat with us via Facebook page
When am I charged for the service?
You will be charged after the fixing is done.
Can I pay by cash?
Yes, you can pay by cash to the Technician.
How to ensure that the price is standard?
It is based on customers’ reviews. If the technician charges over price more than 3 times, he will be eliminated from We have an expert who evaluates the price guideline based on standard market price.
Who will respond if that job has no quality?
If the job has no quality the technician himself has to respond for it. We motivate you to talk to the technician directly to solve the problem. You can also do the Rating & Review to give feedback on how good or bad of his performance and response over the job.
Is there warranty after service?
The warranty after service is depend on the equipments or broken parts and technician’s responsibility. Thu, there will be no warranty, several days of warranty, a week, or a month. We encourage you to ask the Technician directly about this.