About Us

Fixh.me is a platform that connects service provider to those who are facing household problems such as electrical devices, water system, or electricity. We have found in 2018 starting with 4 founding members, currently, operated in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with more than 100 service providers on board with us.

Our mission is to provide a platform where customers can book technicians to solve their household problems, enabling customers to spend less time finding technicians and have reliable technicians in their house. “

Our Mission

Our vision is to help people in Cambodia to live in a modern lifestyle which they can easily access to all kinds of household services such as finding technicians, buying equipments, and cleaning their houses. With Fixh.me, we believe that household problems is no longer a problem.

Our Vision

Our Team

Sim Chhay

Head of Operation

Teng Seavpor

Head of Strategy

Tea VengTieng

Head of Marketing

Menh Phahuor

Head of Business